SALES HOTLINE:  0330 232 5000


SALES HOTLINE:  0330 232 5000


SALES HOTLINE: 0330 232 5000

Questions & Answers

How big/what are the dimensions of the skip bags?
The skip bag dimensions are 105cm x 105cm x 120cm. There is a max lifting capacity of 1200kg.
Can I put the bag on the road?

No, the bags must be left on private property.

Can you collect different branded bags?

Not at the moment, this is something we may look into in the future, please enquire with your requirements.

What size vehicle will collect the bag?

The vehicle is an 8 wheeled, side loading grab lorry so the bag must be within 2.5 metres of the road. The vehicle would need a minimum of 3-metre access down the road.

How long does it take to deliver the bag to my address?

The bag will be delivered within 1-2 working days.

Where does the bag have to be sited to make the collection easier?

The bag must be within 2.5 metres of the road, we cannot collect from a rear of a property or the garden behind a fence.

When I book the skip bag in for collection, how long will it take for you to collect the bag?

When booking your collection, you will be asked to choose the week commencing date, if your bag is not collected within a week of you booking it in, please call the office to chase.

Do you do any other size bags?

No, we just provide the 1200kg bags.

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